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Transmute Lead Into Gold

The name “IQ CHAIN” refers to orme, the alchemist’s goal of turning base metals like lead into gold.

Think about lead. It is heavy, inert, dull. The alchemist’s goal was to transform its very essence into the world’s most coveted precious metal – gold.

Our goal is to help you transform your inner landscape of body, mind and spirit into a centered gold. Through sharing the IQ CHAIN story to create and build personal wealth and satisfaction, learning from our InnerQuest platform, or supporting vitality through IQ CHAIN Qi products, you have the tools to transform your health, mindset, and personal development.


About Us.



Our Interactive Learning Ecosystem

The InnerQuest learning system is unique in the field of personal development. Explore your interests. Pursue your passion. Grow your knowledge. Learn with us at InnerQuest.


Your center for wellness

Introduce your mind and body to IQ CHAIN Qi, and discover the wellness within! Each of our healthy-living products is infused with patented Nanobioelectronic Photoacoustic Technology to access your body’s natural energies–your very own qi, or life force. These unique innovations, developed in conjunction with a medical doctor who specializes in integrative and alternative techniques, are non-habit forming, convenient, and portable, with no unpleasant after-effects. Choose one or all to support your active, healthy lifestyle!

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IQ CHAIN products utilize the power of your body’s inherent energy, which many cultures identify as your very life force (or qi). As you tap into and strengthen this life force, you may experience shifts in perception and sensitivity to both your body’s own energy and the energy of your environment. By harnessing this symbiosis, the IQ CHAIN Qi line of healthy-living products promotes a wide spectrum of wellness benefits, including healthy sleep, weight loss, and increased alertness and awareness. IQ CHAIN Qi uses only all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge technologies.

Growing the IQ CHAIN Global Family

Once you discover the power of IQ CHAIN Global, we know you’ll want to share the news with your friends. That’s why we’ve put together a generous compensation plan to reward highly motivated people who introduce IQ CHAIN products to their friends. Enjoy IQ CHAIN products, learn with InnerQuest, and build personal wealth as you share the many ways in which IQ CHAIN Global has enhanced your life.

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