Ormeus Monatomics.

Nanobioelectric Photoacoustic Technology Enhanced Spray

“Find your center” isn’t just a mantra or daily affirmation. It’s the key to unlocking a transcendent level of wellness. Discover the benefits of harnessing your own life force energy–your qi–with the aid of our innovative, all-natural mouth spray.
Invigorate your mind and body with Ormeus Monoatomics. Created through a patented fusion of special alchemical processes and advanced Nanobioelectronic Photoacoustic Technology, this convenient, portable spray contains encoded nutrients and monoatomic minerals to help center your mind and body. This “center” is a perfect homeostatic balance of inner peace and harmony, a truly authentic physical and emotional state free of stress and other negative energetic blocks.
Finding your center is known to encourage feelings of…

  • Physical and mental vitality
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • Awareness, intuition, and creativity
  • Inner peace, gratitude, and happiness
  • Spatial coordination

You want to be your best self, every day, all day. You want wellness that lasts. We want to give you the tool you need to achieve those goals. Discover the daily benefits of Ormeus Monoatomics. Contact your Ormeus Global representative now for more information and to purchase this or other Ormeus Qi products.